A Vision For Agro Revolution

A Vision For Agro Revolution


AVEEM Foods partners with Nigerian communities through local farms to create new jobs, promote self-sufficiency, and support food sustainability.

Our best practices for fish farming and agriculture in Nigeria produce high-quality, delicious products that improve lives and feed the world.

We believe in innovation, cooperation and opportunity creation.

The primary source of livelihood for Nigerian people is agriculture. Nigeria is the leading African country in farming, thanks to its impressive profitability and productivity levels.

With aquaculture as a key strategy for our vision, we are promoting skill development, independence, and increased prosperity.

AVEEM Foods is proud to play a role in enriching the lives of the Nigerian people.


We currently have two farms.

The farm at Ilaju Village, Ido LG Area, Oyo State has an integrated fish farm complete with a state-of-the-art processing plant and hatchery.

Our modern earthen fish ponds contain tilapia and African catfish – two of the sturdiest and most in-demand fish species on the planet.

We are laying the groundwork for our future farm at Lanlate Agro Industrial Park, Ibarapa East LG Area, Oyo State.

This site will produce various staple crops, including organic ginger, vegetables, maize, and spices. We’re excited to announce that it will also include an agroforestry unit and a modern aquaponics unit.


Why agriculture is important in Nigeria?

Agriculture is central to the Nigerian economy. The livelihood of the vast majority of Nigerians depends on agriculture. Nigeria has the highest levels of profitability and productivity in the farming sector.

How much agriculture does Nigeria produce?

In 2019, 21.91% of Nigeria’s GDP came from agriculture.

What are the main crops grown in Nigeria?

Some of the main crops in Nigeria are:

• Cocoa
• Plantains
• Maize
• Rice
• Sesame
• Beans
• Cashew
• Yams
• Melon
• Cassava